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Icelandic Shorts I





Old Paths

Besti vinurinn


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Good Night Finn


The Dark Joker


3 konur


Frostbiter 2016

Part I

Góða nótt

Director: Halldór Hvannar Hannesson
By: Baldur Rökkvi Hannesson and Herdís Lóa Hannesdóttir

Siblings Baldur, Halldór and Herdís (Ages 6-11) made this little short on an iphone with a little help from the babysitter.


Director: Eyjólfur Ásberg Ámundason

A sleep-deprived man finds himself in a strange motel in the middle of nowhere, where his sanity is tested by an onslaught of otherworldly activity.


Director: Freyr Árnason

Filmed in Djúpivogur, Strýta is a short film about two young boys who hear about a hidden shotgun in an abandoned farmhouse.

Það er margt sem myrkrið veit

Director: Lovísa Lára Halldórsdóttir

A young girl makes a decision that will haunt her through an old telephone her grandmother gave her. Is she going crazy?


Director: Guðni Líndal

An injured man finds himself trapped in a dark room by a disturbing presence from his past. If he is to escape, he must confront his own demons and evolve.


Director: Lovísa Lára Halldórsdóttir

Eva stars to feel uneasy at home after she receives a snapchat message of herself sleeping. She begins to notice a lot of strange things at home and unexplained bruises on her body. An unknown presence in her home makes her question what is real and what’s not.

Part II

Grísirnir þrír

Director: Gunnar Már Halldórsson

A modern splatter adaption of 3 little pigs.


Director: Kristín Ísabella Karlsdóttir

Confused and frightened, Daníel wakes up in a dark and mysterious room. With only a wedding ring to remind him of his past, he sets out to find the wife he has forgotten, fearing for her safety.


Director: Eyþór Jóvinsson

After Davíð’s grandfather passes away, he and his friend go to tidy up the grandfather’s old, empty house. In the basement they discover a secret.


Director: Ólöf Birna Torfadóttir

A young writer goes to a small country hotel to get some peace for writing. However the staff is really not normal, and strange sounds are coming from the next door cottage even though know one is there.


By Örvar Hafþórsson, Nínu Petersen, Stefán Mekkinósson and Birgir Egilsson

Three Vikings with a chained slave set up camp in a dark forest in the middle of winter. Soon they realize they are not alone in the woods and the night turns into a vicious fight for their lives.


Director: Lovísa Lára Halldórsdóttir

Felix has been struggling to find peace after a accident he caused. With the help of his brother he tries to find a way to forgive himself for the past, but the past doesn’t forgive him.